Saturday, October 15, 1988


Painstakingly as he constructs his own home,
An ant’s persistence is hard to believe

Seems that man’s forces cannot start to stop him
Crumb by crumb by crumb by crumb’ one at a time until he’s done.

He don’t know how to quit.

And in every day life we tend to give up
If the going gets a little too tough.

We could all stand a lesson from these little guys
Whom we always make pulp of beneath our feet.

We don’t post to quit.

Thursday, April 7, 1988

The Loner

If given a nickel
For every time
I’ve kissed a girl
I’d have a dime

And for every time
I’ve told a good joke
If given a dime
You know I’d be broke.

So I sit here all day
Giving no one a clue
To the person I am
What I think, what I do.

Folks don’t talk to me much
And for that I am glad
Because I am The Loner
And my life may seem sad.

But I am happy inside
And that’s all that matters
I know how to cope
With life’s landslides and ladders.

If my thoughts were of metal
They would weigh a ton
For I use my mind
To get things done.

Though shut off from the world
I’m content with my way
And by God’s loving grace
This way I’ll stay