Thursday, April 7, 1988

The Loner

If given a nickel
For every time
I’ve kissed a girl
I’d have a dime

And for every time
I’ve told a good joke
If given a dime
You know I’d be broke.

So I sit here all day
Giving no one a clue
To the person I am
What I think, what I do.

Folks don’t talk to me much
And for that I am glad
Because I am The Loner
And my life may seem sad.

But I am happy inside
And that’s all that matters
I know how to cope
With life’s landslides and ladders.

If my thoughts were of metal
They would weigh a ton
For I use my mind
To get things done.

Though shut off from the world
I’m content with my way
And by God’s loving grace
This way I’ll stay