Thursday, December 13, 2001


Maybe I've gotten so used to not touching someone on a regular basis that I've accepted it.
Maybe for me there are things more important than having "a special someone".
Maybe I have a problem with doing things like everyone else.
Maybe I also get extremely frustrated when misunderstood.
Maybe only God will ever truly understand me in this life.
Maybe that's OK.
Maybe it's best not to tempt the heart with things that will only lead to pain.
Maybe I am realizing that true love chases it's beloved.
Maybe I am sure that I have never chased a woman. Ever.
Maybe I don't care to anytime soon.
Maybe even if I did, I'd have to make *choices* as well as sacrifices.
Maybe I feel burdened when a woman pursues me.
Maybe I just want more of God's Kingdom.
Maybe I will take pains to avoid things that distract me from that pursuit.
Maybe I still lack the fortitude to fly near the sun and not become blinded.
Maybe I am my own person after God and family and friends.
Maybe I am a fighter and not a lover.
Maybe I am a cowboy.
Maybe I like living alone.
Maybe that's just the way it oughtta be.
Maybe I need my hind-end raised a few feet.
Maybe I still have some deep-rooted selfishness
Maybe His time to correct that in me just has not yet come.
Maybe you are the finest, gentlest, sweetest, and kindest woman in the world.
Maybe you don't need to strive to prove yourself to me.
Maybe you are a fool for feeling like you do.
Maybe I really have never understood how I feel about you.
Maybe I'll figure that out some day.
Maybe you and I both need to take our medicine, but it ain't the same prescription.
Maybe I have absolutely no business being in the same room with you until things change.
Maybe that's not what I want.
Maybe, sometimes, the only thing worse than not getting what you want, is getting it.
Maybe we're a lot more like Alanis Morissette and Ozzy Ozborne than we'd care to admit.