Sunday, January 20, 2002

Lamb to the Slaughter

I am a young man
Her hair's long and dark

I'm invited to supper
Since her son is at work

After mutton and rice
We relax and I hold her

So warm and so nice
Her head on my shoulder

Guess her husband was crazy
Left her years before

Hints of hard life till
She moved in next door

It gets close to bedtime
Says she wants me to stay

That I have no cause not to
Tomorrow's just one more day

Secrets are known now
How it feels so right

She tells me she's happy
And that I am her light

But out of a dead sleep
I awake to a scream

She lies in her own blood
Is it just a bad dream?

He says it's all over
Then fires his next shot

Here I am all alone now
Guess this is my lot

Inspired by Proverbs Chapter Seven