Friday, October 31, 2003

Seeing Things

I had you pegged

As someone I knew

Had all the hard facts

Yet, no more than a few

The years came and went

We grew side by side

You fell in the shadows

I stuck by my pride

Till understanding revealed

There’s a hidden agenda

Is there something wrong?

Was it I who offended?

All those times, insecure,

You’d curl up in a ball

And then I’d back away

To avoid a great fall

Hints you gave softly

Not entirely wasted

Just stored away till

God’s wisdom I tasted

How His flowers do bloom!

Some quickly, some slowly

There’s more to you...but,

Is there more than just me?

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

The Good Ole Days

She brushes her dark hair

Midday shadows on the wall

Will the wait never end?

Doesn't know what she wants yet

But won't stop till she gets it

Tired of thinking

Can't decide what to do next

Outside the window

Things are going on

Don't understand most of it

What's it got to do with me?

Muggy day is uncomfortable

Would sleep but not tired

He thinks about her sometimes

Never solving the mystery

But now the mind is rested again

So it's off to another adventure

Surely she's fine, just as she is

Saturday, July 5, 2003

Why am I kissing you?

Why am I kissing you? Because I can?

Curiosity got the best of me, now I'm in a strange room.

Forgive the candor, but this reminds me of the ham hocks Mom cooks with soup beans.

Kinda slippery but needs more salt.

This is getting surreal, but if it makes you happy...

Why am I kissing you? Is this how we say goodbye now?

I get a flashback of this every time I approach a mirror.

You're a cute girl and I really like your company

But...doesn't this seem a little contrived?

Why am I kissing you? This is supposed to communicate something.

But, I find I have little, if nothing, to say this way.

You seem to be caught up in this,

But I'd just as soon go work on a project or something.

And why do you get so mad when I look at the TV? Sheesh maneesh.

Why am I kissing you? Because I like your flavor...

But, even I can see this is going nowhere fast, so later gater.

Why am I kissing you? Because usually it can smooth things over...

Or buy me time, or...just pass the time.

Why am I kissing you? If I ever knew, I guess I forgot at some point.

Why do I waste your time and feed your false hopes?

Forgive me?

Why am I kissing you? Well, I'm not, and that's obviously best.

Think I'll stick with letters and numbers from now on.

Thursday, April 3, 2003


She's sharp and she's cool
She's patient; no one's fool

Bubbly when attention's given
Boys talk to her, idea of livin'

Waiting in her stance
For perfection wearing pants
Black Widow

Eyes of coal, smile a phenom
Laugh as music, sweet as venom

Her heart burns on still
She must enforce her will

Special kind of gal
Not typical, yet so real

As for me, this won't stand
So I hold up my hand

She turns and looks on
Spots another, she's gone