Friday, May 28, 2004


O hear now, Mother of Oppression!

Lend your ear, Sister of Deceit!

From the earliest of my days

You have sought my destruction

You, who are not of my people

Crossing the border into my land

Treading upon my sovereign soil...

With a smile that hides darkness

Why do you try to entice me?

And seek to prove me a fool

Charm me with feminine amenities

And play my feelings as a banjo

Is it a reaction you seek?

Find you any love in my rage?

Antagonism - your big red plastic bat

See how far this perforated ball will soar!

But alas, I am curious

And I see you are too

What’s this all about?

So compelling, yet strange

Is nothing held sacred?

What’s off limits, to discuss or display?

As long as it’s mutual

Does anyone else need to know?

But in time we both grow older

Trading the obvious for that unseen

Your methods become those of shrewdness

No longer brazen, but sweetly cunning

In secret absence I explored you

Never willing to connect with the heart

Now I am just as guilty

And even more so for my part

For I abandoned the path of righteousness

I have denied friendship - basic and true

A coward; I caved to social paranoia

And surrendered to weakness of flesh

Still you crouched in waiting

For the exact moment to pounce

The bait appealed to the sensibilities

Plus a twinge of mystery; need to explore

I was craving a change

And the seasons were shifting

“Won’t hurt to try,” I said to myself

“Besides, she seems so willing…”

Has there ever been such a swift plummet from grace?

As I ravaged unknown territory

And tried in vain to act out my thoughts

Shameless, demented twist of creation!

My armies advanced

Through fields once tranquil

With orders to assess

They’re to gather “intelligence”

But in their wake lay destruction

The landscape disfigured

As they set up encampment

In garrison, awaiting fresh orders

You finally take arms

To protect your vast riches

Guarding that which is precious

Since I’ll do no such thing

For I say, “freedom is mine”

So why would I deny it to you?

The tense epochs to follow

Find brief moments of peace

But militias still skirmish

And guerrillas never rest...

Once the newness fades

And reality sets in

We’re both tired of giving

Oh so empty within

Your problems never cease

No, they multiply with time

Do you ever solve anything?

Deeper, in quicksand, you sink

But do I pull you out?

Offer even an olive branch?

No, for I’m spent of your ways

Yet not ready to leave…

Your desire for completeness

Matched only by you bellicose futility

Frustrates me to no end

With you I can do nothing that profits

Yet I continue my natural way

Austere as always, keeping composure

But, by the same, never improving

You cry for help with actions

Still, your letters tell a sad tale

But ‘tis easier to let a tree fungus rot

Than to scrape it off by toiling

Finally, long sought freedom arrives

Yet I’m deep in despair

For my last pitiful ember of light has died

Giving way to cold stale darkness

I now realize my “plans”

Were never such at all

I had not set wise goals

Just drifting along toward nowhere

Then I turned to my God!

Who understands my failure?

And gives grace to repentance

He rewards those who believe Him

He also set my paths straight

And cleared my confusion

He gave me wisdom and strength

To stand up before the enemy…

As I keep watch by night

My radar surveys the horizon

Be sure, I shall see you coming

Beleaguered jets with idolatrous markings

O Daughter of Perdition!

You Niece of Iniquity!

How your sins multiply in time

Surely perversion deepens with age

Only the foolish try the prepared one

And the stupid die who attack the vigilant

But is there not hope for you?

Indeed, a chance to change your ways -

Repent to a loving God today!

Become His, you creature of beauty

For He created you and loves you

Why do you take arms with His sons?

And try His soldiers with temptation?

All heaven rejoices in the lost sheep’s return

My sister, o lovely child of God

Why must we maintain troops in array?

Keeping battalions posted all day

And artillery poised to defend by darkness

Locked in stalemate; a pointless effort

Have you any chance of victory?

For I realize the truth – yet it’s relevance you scoff

That my battle is not against flesh and blood

And I fight not with woman or man

How the opponent’s warriors are not mortal

That this conflict is but a portion of eternity

A struggle within a greater engagement

Although the rebels mount resistance

The Victor’s army outnumbers them

Surely God has kept His faithful!

Two of His to one of the losers’

Will you join us, my dear one?

Will you lay down your weapon for true love?

For I’ve found the real battle wages inside us

And God sent His Son to win it

To resist Jesus means that we lose

But surrender all to Him…and be won!

For He has shown me the new way

That even I can become your friend

But we both must be on the same page

United in His Spirit by His Blood

So will you bow your heart to Him now?

Have your name written in the Book of Life

Our names will appear there together; joint heirs

United forever beneath the flag of the King!

Now we stand face to face

How’d we get so old?

But you’re really not here

For the familiar falseness screams

A non-answer to my disbelief

You still don’t get it

And I fear you never will…

Take heed, I am well armed for defense

In truth my silos are deterrents

I must aim missiles toward your homeland

And with wisdom point guns at your border

The strife that began so long ago

It has protracted without decision

For weeks, many months, and even years

It continues today in spite of intentions

The impending threat is still real; it saddens me

Because only one of us has surrendered

Bowed to the King of Kings – WHOLEHARTEDLY

And but one has stopped fighting for vain interests

I say once again, let this be a dire warning

To yourself and those alike -

Surely our mutual posture of distrust remains

Till Christ takes His spoils

One way or another

He will win over your heart

But will it be by your own volition?

O, I implore you! Don’t let yourself be…