Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Coat

Just who is it inside that coat?
It’s like a dark gray crushed velvet
Covers everything from her sharp chin to her vinyl shoes
I mean, I know her name and see her smile, but, still…
It's like, when an artist shrouds his work from the public eye before it's ready
She tears into the church foyer with a determined, caffeine-induced pace that could only be hers
Wearing the coat, which, by whatever means, subtly adds elegance to the mystery…
We've talked a whole lot and I gotta admit I've hardly ever gotten along with someone so well
Then, there's the time I playfully squeezed her warm hand and I became bewildered a little because
Well, I mean, unless I’m crazy, it was like she seemed to welcome my touch and there we were
But then, winter quickly gets cold and dark and we part ways for a really long while
UNTIL – that is…
Determination and faith in a knowing God finally bring us to a park on a storybook warm summer’s eve
There’s no coat, and what’s revealed is probably as perfect a creature I’ll ever behold till Christ returns
I think I now know who was inside that coat all along…
She’s someone I know
I know her, and I also know that I need to love her
To keep her warm
To protect her from sinister eyes
And to stay as close to her as I possibly can
Just like
The coat