Tuesday, July 5, 2005


white drums pound
amplifiers thunder
you stand by your man in the crowd
after a quiet drive home
during which you sleep
there will be some love
but then what?
why does he always leave?
tell me again how he's a prince up to that point...
how he's the only one who starts the fire
then knows exactly how to put it out
sets 'em up
knocks 'em down
every time batting a thousand
he taught you and turned on your lights
how would you know you'd like it so much?
the taste and feel of it
you like it much more than he ever will
ever notice how he just likes to be alone?
how you swear he's cheating
but you know better?
you want an answer
but nothing makes sense
you're not strong enough to end it
you put up with so much
but why?
is your heart really that blind?
he's married to his dreams, girlfriend
making music
getting it done
are you in there anywhere?
sure he'll call when he misses you...
what good will that do?
you can't live with a comet
as you would on a planet
i just pray you see sooner than later that he's