Tuesday, October 3, 2006

A sinus-induced REVELATION

SCIENCE teaches us that there are two electrodes in the flow of electric current, namely, anode and the cathode. Yet after much thought and not a few merry giggles I concede that there is yet another. I have overdubbed this phenomenal discovery as the Zenode, the applications for which are sure to astound even the most innocent of bystanders. In your picture tube, for insistence, there is a beam of electrons forming a cathode ray which stimulates a phosphorescent screen after passing by the anode plate. This very predicament has entertained seventy people for over millions of years. However, I consent that the induction of a Zenode will allow the viewer to see in THREE DIMENSIONS, plus, he or she will be able to smell. It. Smell it. The person will be able to smell it. I say. So I welcome your confounded curiosity into this most appraising development and I am certain that it will vastly enthrall the lives of many lives. Thank you for this message.