Sunday, December 10, 2006

Duke Fabulous Reporting

As my deddy likes too say, I ain't never seen the beet. At least that's what it always sounded like. Any-THEE-howw how I was I say I was out workin on the car the other afternoon when this pretty little gal saunters up outta just about nowhere. She sat down and she looked like she had somethin there on her mind so I says I say now darlin' you look like you got somethin to say. So she revolutes her eyes around a bit and says she say, now Duke...I don know, sometimes I have time to think that there just might be somethin the wrawwwwng with you. Said it just like that drawd out tha wrawwwwwwng. So I pauses and thinks a minute about that and I say I says well now darlin' that may just be but, just for now, I do believe I'm just gonna let history to decide on that. Now, hear what the Duke says. Some folk'll put you in a box sure as money don't grow on trees, and it's up to YOU as to whether or not they get away with it. Duke out.