Friday, April 20, 2007


no way man, not fair
just when i've endured it all
someone comes along
makes me feel like fourteen
when the world was huge
and i didn't even know
my butt from an anthill

her name starts with d
we met in late spring
sunday school picnic
we chased little kids around
she cursed my nephew
which made me kinda grin
my mind had forgotten her

but i'm starting to wonder
did she color that next year?
girls are shy at first
then they get annoying
but most of the time
i'm just the opposite
flirted like a mad man

till that fall, at least

the perks of eighth grade
oldest class in the building
plenty of distraction
i must have buried it deep
so, yah, i had feelings
but after a while
my fickle wonder turned

then i got a second look
by then she was married
expecting a wee one
i was happy for her
as much as i could be
of her i was still critical
bugs were still biting

years and years go by
in a different setting now
here a new face haunts me
with angelic grace to match
took a lifetime to realize
she had unlocked the vault
the other shoe had fallen

toilet paper in hand
i go out to the anthill
till i wake from a sleepwalk
just glad the Good Lord
still teaches me things
even tho it hurts
and makes for long days

it's so fair, it's so right