Tuesday, February 12, 2013

more things i needed to know 25 years ago

Pain is only temporary.

Learn what intuition means.

There's a reason why Led Zeppelin got you through the fall of your freshman year.

Everything takes practice.

Idealism is a young man's game.

Emotions matter.

There are as many things to cherish as there are things to take for granted.

There is always hope.

If you can stop and laugh at stupid shit you're doing OK.

Women enjoy sex a LOT more than they let on.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

things i needed to know 25 years ago

If you can't look into someone's eyes, or vice versa, find out why.

People usually mean well even when their words don't have the intended effect.

a man in every boy,
a woman in every girl,
a boy in every man,
a girl in every woman,
and everything in between,
just as sure
as love and hate
are two sides of a coin.

If you fear, you won't.

Some things you still won't understand 25 years from now.

A lady won't expect you to know everything but she'll teach you well if you get next to her. Often. And pay attention.

Basketball is cool.

Don't do stupid things.